Exceptional Safety Record Since 2012


Taking Safety Seriously


When your construction project begins, your mind will likely be filled with many competing priorities. The safety of those in and around the job site shouldn’t be one of them. Not when you’re working with a commercial construction company who genuinely believes safety is the most important thing we do ─ every day. Far beyond just our construction team and crew, we embrace a collaborative culture of safety and are committed to making sure your staff, facility users and members of the public return home safely when each day is done.

Management Support

Leaders play a crucial role in developing and maintaining an ideal safety culture. DESCO's management and supervisory personnel make significant investments in equipment, tools, PPE and training to inspire and empower employees to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their co-workers. In addition, effective safety leadership ensures that safety rules are consistently and fairly enforced, employee safety isn’t compromised by work conditions, adequate time is spent on the front-lines interacting with employees, employees are actively involved in managing safety efforts, and that all safety programs are in place and effective.

High Degree of Employee Involvement

DESCO’s overall safety success depends on participation from everyone in the company. Unless employees feel empowered and supported and know that their actions and behavior make a positive difference, it is difficult to expect complete adherence to a safety program. Our employees are involved at many levels, from performing inspections, participating in safety observation programs, attending safety conferences, conducting training, engaging in speaking opportunities, serving on company safety committees and participating in industry organizations that focus on workplace safety. Having the power to directly influence positive change and behavior is great motivation for supporting and upholding safety policies, practices and procedures; and is a main cultural characteristic of DESCO.